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Kanski Clinical Ophthalmology 7th Edition [Updated]




978-7-7842-5059-5. ISSN: 1537-3597. May be a publisher. De Lange has had many thoughts about the elderly and about the working groups. Generally speaking, he feels that working groups have little to offer in the way of evidence. I think this is not entirely true, and it is also true that working groups may be more accepting of "evidence" than the larger group. However, in terms of knowing evidence, working groups are ultimately at a loss. When they are confronted with evidence, they have to make a choice about which piece of evidence to accept and which to reject. Choosing which piece of evidence is the problem, not just the evidence per se. There is another problem that I have with the working groups. It is one of selection. The composition of a working group is not always the best way of selecting and making use of evidence. Having a meeting to debate and discuss evidence is fine, but in my experience the group often chooses the most important piece of evidence to present and has less time to discuss the others. Of course, a group can make choices in an inclusive way, but many groups do not. Even though it is true that working groups are not as good at making use of evidence as the larger group, they can be useful in other ways. De Lange says that he feels that a working group would provide more time for the participants to meet face-to-face. It could be said that a working group could be very inclusive. However, from my personal experience I know that a working group can be very exclusive, as it is often made up of people with similar interests. Generally speaking, I agree with De Lange. I think that it is important to have some structure to the group process, and having a working group may be a better way of structuring the process than just doing it all at once. It could be argued that having a working group is simply a way of providing structure, but I would disagree. I think that structure is important, and working groups are not necessarily the best way of providing structure. I am not quite sure how De Lange understands his thesis in terms of structure, but I think that what he says about providing more time to face-to-face meetings has merit.As the coronavirus continues to sweep through the world, recent reports indicate that the deadly disease is now threatening the health of the world’s foremost footballing power, England. The major



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Kanski Clinical Ophthalmology 7th Edition [Updated]
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